St Josephs National School Killasser (the old school)

My Uncle John always took lots of photographs. Nothing was too inconsequential.

A frame from a programme on television, newspaper clippings, hens,  dogs,  cats,  buildings, landscapes. Generous time was also given to his nieces, nephews, brothers, in-laws and friends.

Last week I wondered if there were any photographs of the old National School (st Josephs) in Killasser. It was demolished sometime in the early 1990’s with a new school being built near the parish church.

So yesterday, Tony showed me a picture that John must have taken around that time. The school was originally built in 1916 (Sean Cunney put me right on this) – and you can see where the original door was at the top of the steps (boot scraper in situe).

Old National School, Killasser

What I might have taken at the time to be inconsequential (“why did he take that?”)  now provides a visual link with the past, something that would have been otherwise lost forever.


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5 Responses to St Josephs National School Killasser (the old school)

  1. Sean Cunney says:

    Hi Kevin,
    Nice to see picture of the old school. Just a word of thanks for letting me “cog” off you all those years ago – you never once got cross. Just on the date the school was built – i will never forget it, becasue I dreaded going every day and always looked towards the skies for help before going in – so i can picture the wall plate that said buitl in 1916. By the way, i hope Ipwichs form improves soon.
    Best regards,

    • Kevin says:

      Hello Sean

      how did you cog when you were sitting over their near the press?? 🙂 can remember it was Seamus, Padraig, Eugene and myself over near the encyclopedias. Your m.thatcher impressions are still remembered 🙂

      nice to hear from you – not too many pictures of the school around, it seems to inspire a lot of dread in people alright.

  2. Hello, Kevin. I’m the editor of MISYON,[] the online magazine of the Columbans in the Philippines. This morning I was at the funeral of Fr Joe Gallagher, a native of Killasser, who spent nearly 60 years in the Philippines. He died in Dalgan Park on 2 August.

    I added some photos to an obituary prepared by Fr Cyril Lovett, editor of FAR EAST, and by googling came across a photo of the old school in Killasser here on your blog. I’ve taken the liberty of using it, with an acknowledgment and a link to your post above. You’ll find it in two locations: and . I hope you don’t mind.

    I don’t know if you knew Father Joe but the one word used by almost everyone about him was ‘gentleman’. He was the Columban superior for the whole of the Philippines when I went there in 1971. May he rest in peace.

    I hope that your health is now fine.

    I would love to see Mayo win the Sam again but, as a ‘Dub’, not this year!

    Thank you and God bless you

    (Fr) Sean Coyle

  3. Kevin Peyton says:

    Hello Sean

    Thanks for getting in touch – delighted you could use the photo.My Uncle John and Joe knew each other very well – and kept in contact all down through the years. Our families lived closed to each other in Killasser – so I had heard of his passing at the weekend.


  4. Felicity Keane Lovell says:

    Hello I believe my great grandfather Patrick O’Keane and grandmother Lila O’Keane taught at this school about 1920s would love to hear if any old photos or information.

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