Irish Medical Times article on Blogging

The last issue of the Irish Medical Times from February 2006 publishes a short article by yours truly on blogging. You can access it here for a limited period.

An 800 word limit can really focus you on  what you are trying to convey – taking account of current knowledge and the potential audience. I kept it purely to the concepts, mechanics and tools rather than using examples of bloggers themselves and what they are doing; even then, it leaves out things like tagging and feeds  which most bloggers would should regard as essential.

This was purposely done – my guess being that there are probably enough articles in the print media (which is this publications prime medium) via weekend supplement type magazines and sections.

On the other hand, you see little around the topics which I talked about…your “3 minute guide to blogging” if you will…

Update : Full article can be found here.


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3 Responses to Irish Medical Times article on Blogging

  1. techguy says:

    Nice article that you wrote. The thing I didn’t like was pointing people to and for free blogging with no warning. is free, but you will probably never be able to convert that blog to anything else. is free, but requires a host and so it is not free. It is a great product with some awesome features.

  2. Kevin says:


    it’s a fair point you raise; definitely a case of read the small print, buyer beware, etc etc.


  3. techguy says:

    I take back my comments about transferring content from blogger or other site into WordPress. They’ve created tools in Wordpres 2.0 to import posts from other sites:

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