Luminosity, Whales & Web2.0

Out for my daily walk yesterday evening down to the seafront in Strandhill, listening to this episode of Distributing the Future, minding my own business. Car slows, guy pokes his head out and shouts what sounded to me like “I’m looking for a 15 tonne sperm whale called Sam – have you seen him around?“.

Part of this was the fact that I was wearing one of those ridiculous
but necessary luminous Sam Browne belts – semi rural walks in the
twilight, and with no footpaths, is not a safe thing. Anyway, I  would
probably guess that wearers of luminous safety products all over the
world are familiar with with such insults.

Imagine then, seeing the news headlines – a whale did actually beach
itself yesterday morning at the mouth of Ballisodare bay. It died last
night – picture below is from the Irish Times this morning.


So back to Distributing the Future – I see Damien Conway was choosing not to drink the Web20 kool-aid at OSCON; this was really funny – would love to see the slides…


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